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CosmoxToys are now open to working with local agents, distributors, and online toy store owners to develop the global market!

If you are a distributor of toy (outdoor) products or the owner of a physical toy (outdoor) store or online retail website, that's right, we are looking for you!
No partner has been granted exclusive rights in a particular region.

We will provide the following support to you:

  • A free sample of the purchased product for display purposes in your physical store
  • Benefit from distributor prices, providing ample margin for agents to conduct marketing activities and generate substantial profits
  • Free provision of promotional materials such as physical posters, digital product images, and videos
  • We will add your store information to the brand's official website's site map, allowing consumers to quickly search for nearby offline pickup points
  • Longer warranty period
  • Low MOQ
Business consulting for global markets

Business Inquire: handsome@mycosmoxtoys.com

Service: Monday - Friday (Busniess Day)

Business consulting for European market


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