Comparatively, with its shell installed, the Aquanaut has a larger and slightly thicker volume than the Piranha. Consumers can select from a range of colors for the Aquanaut's shell, which is also adorned with sequins that enhance its visibility and transparency in sunlight. On the other hand, the Piranha's shell showcases yellow modules and blue scales. Both products utilize an upper hopper feed system for ammunition supply and are equipped with safety switches. The Piranha's hopper can hold 800 gel balls, while the Aquanaut can accommodate up to 1000 gel balls.

Internal structure and materials

Due to the modular design adopted by Aquanaut, there are more internal components compared to Piranha, and the internal construction is more complex. During the battle, the handheld weight of Aquanaut filled with gel balls was 808.8 grams, while Piranha was only 691.5 grams.

When comparing the two products, it is important to note that the Aquanaut has a shell thickness of 2.47mm, whereas the Piranha has a slightly thinner shell thickness of 2.07mm. This variation in thickness contributes to the Aquanaut's superior strength and durability, making it a more reliable choice.

Performance testing


Under the same environmental condition and using the same gel balls, Piranha's average speed is 130.9 fps, with maximum and minimum speeds of 142.5 fps and 116.7 fps.

Aquanaut, on the other hand, has a speed of 130.5 fps, with maximum and minimum speeds of 135.7 fps and 123.6 fps, making them equally powerful.


*Since the speed measuring instrument employed is the AECTECH AC6000 MKIII model,

it may lead to relatively lower values overall.

Analysis of important differences

  • The primary distinction between the two products lies in their power source. Piranha relies on 6 AA batteries for power, while Aquanaut is equipped with a 500 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery charged by USB-C. According to testing, Piranha can fire approximately 8000 rounds (10 hoppers) using 6 AA batteries, which costs about USD$4. On the other hand, Aquanaut's charging cost is almost negligible and when fully charged, it can excite about 6000 rounds (6 hoppers).
  • When installing AA batteries in Piranha, you must use a Phillips screwdriver to open the screws on the bottom battery cover. Please be aware that the screwdriver is not provided with the product. It might be challenging to find yourself without the required tools for outdoor use. In contrast, Aquanaut does not require battery disassembly, but it does take around 1 hour to fully charge.