This the wackiest-looking gel blaster I have ever seen

Reviews from Engineerable

This the wackiest-looking gel blaster I have ever seen, but when I testes the Cosmox Toys Aquanaut, the quality and performance totally blew me away. Gravity hopper feed-style blasters are usually underwhelming. The best ones like Gel Blaster SURGE, SURGE XL, STARFIRE, and NERF PRO MYTHIC still have issues like feeding jams that require shaking it to start feeding again, mediocre accuracy, and double firing which results in terrible accuracy. Somehow, Cosmoxtoys designed the Aquanaut to be perfect and it doesn't exhibit any of those issues.

Even when stationary, it continues to feed smoothly. There are no jams that require shaking the blaster to resume feeding. It doesn't double-feed. The accuracy is fantastic, especially for a small blaster with a plastic barrel. The range is not great which is to be expected from a blaster that shoots a max of 175FPS