Mini Gel Barrel

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What will you get in the package?
  • Eyewear Protector * 1
  • Hopper Magazine * 1
  • Mini Gel Barrel * 1
  • User Manual * 1
  • 5,000 Gel Balls * 1
  • Suction Cup Soft Bullets * 10
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The New Gel Blaster Selection

2 In 1 Multiple Modes (Suction Cup Refillable Bullets & Gel Balls)

Stable Performance

Up to 100 FPS by Mannual Mode

100 Rounds Hopper Magazine

Single and Multiple Shot Modes

Everything You Want To Know

Lightweight Design

Considering the play needs of younger age groups, we have streamlined our product design. It uses a transparent plastic shell, making the ”weapon“ in your hand more like a toy.

Interestingly, when you continuously pull the bolt and press the trigger, several balls will be fired simultaneously, which can be played as a shotgun launcher.

Stable Performance

CosmoxToys Mini Gel Barrel adopts Manual Mode (No Battery Required) for launching gel balls up to 30 feet at 100 FPS. Mini Series has lower velocity than SIRIUS and AQUANAUT Series, giving kids (9+) a fresh play choice.

Hopper Capacity

Mini Series features a 1000-round hopper for optimal blasting and prolonged play. Ensure gel ball volume is 7 to 8mm to prevent jams and breakage. Purchase four-color gel balls from FXT WORKS, certified by CosmoxToys.

Size and Weight

Package Dimensions: 39cm*14cm*7cm

Package Weight: 1.21lb

Item Dimensions: 36cm*5.8cm*11cm

Item Weight: 0.71 lb (320 grams)

Where Is Barrel Shipping From? & When Will Your Product Be Sent and Delivered?

We will send your package according to the time sequence of orders placed from Cosmox Outdoors Warehouse in China or UK. Normally, we are fast, the order processing time is 1-2 business days. The packages will be delivered within 5 to 20 business shipping days in the most cases.

Where Can The Product Be Shipped?

Mainland US, UK, Canada, India, Netherlands, Indonesia, Austraila, Mexico and Spain ONLY.

For other countries, please email to check.

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