AQUANAUT Galaxy Gel Blaster (Blue Azurite)

What will you get in the package? (Special Offer Here)
  • 5,000 Gel Balls * 10 (Gel Blaster & 50K Gel Balls Kit ONLY)
  • Eyewear Protector * 1
  • Hopper * 1
  • Aquanaut Galaxy Gel Blaster with Case * 1
  • USB-C Charging Cable * 1
  • User Manual * 1
  • 5,000 Gel Balls * 2

Revolutionary Blaster Toys

Smooth Gravity Hopper Feed System

1,000 Rounds with No Jamming

Stable Performance

Up to 150 FPS & 9 Blasting/Sec

Customizable Casing

Your Unique Blaster

USB Type-C Charging System

At least 6000 times blasting after fully charging in 1 hour

WW2 Aircraft Concept Galaxy Gel Blaster

Let's decrypt what secrets are inside the packaging

Everything You Want To Know

Humanized, Modular and Aesthetic Design

CosmoxToys was looking for a design concept for roaming in the universe. The modular design in the SkinSwap series allows you to swap other accessories to design your unique blaster, such as the different colors of casing and gel balls, the larger capacity of the hopper, and so on. A white case is also an option for you to decorate it in order to maximize your creativity and customization.

Stable Performance

CosmoxToys Aquanaut (SkinSwop) series gel ball blasters shoot up to 9 gel balls per second that can travel up to 60 feet at the fastest-ever velocity of 150 FPS. CosmoxToys R&D Department developed the advanced gravity hopper feed system to solve feeding jam and double firing issues. This is the best gravity hopper feed-style blasters in the world. However, we strongly recommend that you wear a mask to protect your face during the fight.

Hopper Capacity

Each SkinSwop series gel ball blaster has a high-capacity 1000-round hopper for maximum blasting and extended playtime. However, make sure the volume of gel balls you load is between 7 to 8mm. Using pellets from other brands or different sizes may cause stuck and broken pellets. Four-color gel balls are available for you to purchase in FXT WORKS (A certificated gel ball blaster accessory supplier by CosmoxToys).

USB Type-C Charging System with 7.4V 500mAh Rechargeable Battery

Battery embedded in Aquanaut gel ball blasters supports blasting at least 6000 times (6 hoopers) after fully charging in 1 hour (with 5V 1A-2A adaptor). Universal USB-C charging interface SkinSwap series adapted allows you to take one charging cable only when you go out. Free your backpack!

Aquanaut uses a 7.4V integrated circuit with balanced charging and discharging protection functions, which can accurately control the voltage and current during charging and discharging. The integrated circuit board has been treated with moisture and water resistance, and has the function of short circuit protection.

High-quality Gearbox and More Durable Body

One of our missions is to pursue a safe playing environment at a low-cost on behalf of every player. Although we have taken a series of physical protection measures, we still do not recommend that you fill the hooper with water and immerse the gun in water for use, which is not covered by the warranty.

Size and Weight

Package Dimensions: 40cm*25.5cm*10cm

Package Weight: 2.7lb

Item Dimensions: 27cm*7.5cm*21cm

Item Weight: 1.56 lb

Where Is AQUANAUT Shipping From? & When Will Your Product Be Sent and Delivered?

We will send your package according to the time sequence of orders placed from Cosmox Outdoors Warehouse in the UK or China. Normally, we are fast, the order processing time is 1-2 business days. The packages will be delivered within 1 to 5 business shipping days in the most cases.

Where Can The Product Be Shipped?

Mainland US, UK, Canada, India, Netherlands, Indonesia, Austraila, Mexico and Spain ONLY.

For other countries, please email to check.

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