70K White Gel Balls (Normal)


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  • 5,000 Orange Gel Balls (Normal) * 14
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Everything You Want To Know

How to hydrate gel balls?

The soaked volume of each pack of gel balls is 1.3L. please place gel balls in a large enough container (e.g. FXT WORKS Foldable 5L Bucket) and add 1L of water for every 5000 balls (1 pack) for 3 to 4 hours before use.
If you keep the beads in water in a sealed container, they will stay hydrated indefinitely. If they are in the magazine it can take several days before dehydration begins, like if they were left out on the counter.
We recommend that when not in use they stay hydrated, but they will remain hydrated for a good while before needing to be rehydrated, and you can rehydrate as many times as required.

Is CosmoxToys gel ball safe for the environment, pet, and people?

Sure. All gel balls are made of natural material, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable. They are harmless for humans, your lawn, and your pets.

Can I use other ammo that is not CosmoxToys or FXT WORKS?

Using gellets from other brands or different sizes may cause stuck and broken gellets.

What the difference between Hard Gel Ball and Normal Gel Ball?

The hardness between them is different only. The size of them after soaking is the same (7-8mm), but the size of the Hard Gel Ball is bigger than the Normal one before soaking. Hard Gel Ball suits Magazine Feed Systems and high FPS (>200) blaster. The high hardness of Hard Gel Ball can ensure no jamming and breaking when uploading the bullets. On the other hand, a Normal Gel Ball is suitable for a Hopper Feed System and medium FPS (<200) blaster. USE CORRECT BULLETS.

How to solve the jamming problem?


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